Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Here at Timeless Beauty & Massage, every single product that is used or sold in salon is 100% vegan and cruelty free, to take the guesswork out of buying products.

But what is the difference between vegan and cruelty free?

Put simply, "vegan" means that there are no animal derived ingredients in a product, whereas "cruelty free" means that the product has not been subject to animal testing.

What this means is that a product labelled as cruelty free may not necessarily be vegan, and a product containing no animal ingedients may not be cruelty free.

Things tend to get a bit more tricky when companies that are asked their cruelty free status try to get around the issue by stating things such as "our products are never tested on animals... except where required by law" meaning that they are in fact sold in countries where animal testing is still mandatory and are therfore are NOT cruelty free. Unfortunately a lot of big brands still do this and it can be very misleading if you're not sure what to look out for.

If in doubt, look for "certified vegan" and "certified cruelty free" logos. For a company to use these logos they must undergo a rigorous and thorough certification process (which costs a lot of money) to ensure that this is actually the case.

Are vegan products as good as non vegan products?

Yes, absolutely!

Weather vegan or not, there are high end and low end products and these will differ greatly in quality.

In the vast majority of cases, animal inredients are used as cheap filler ingredients in products and a vegan alternative will be significantly better for your skin and result in higher quality products.

In the event that the animal ingredient does actually serve a purpose, there is almost always a vegan friendly ingredient that can do the same job to the same standard of quality, if not better.

When reading ingredient labels to determine weather a product contains animal ingredients, here as some common things to look out for:

- Beeswax or cera alba

- Casein (from cow's milk)

- Lanolin (from sheep's wool)

- Carmine, cochineal, shellac, natural red 4 or E120 (from crushed beetles)

- Glycerine (normally from animal fats but can be plant based)

- Squalene (from shark liver oil. This is different to squalane from olive oil - notice the slightly different spelling)

- Guanine (from fish scales)

- Collagen or Elastin

- Keratin

At Timeless Beauty & Massage, we are commited to bringing you a 100% vegan and cruelty free salon experience, without ever compromising on quality.

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